hay blaze contained

With extreme weather conditions forecast for Saturday, fire fighters had their work cut out to maintain control of a hayshed fire that started at BTG Australasia at Mintaro last Thursday afternoon.

Horrocks Group Officer and CFS incident controller, Anthony Salter, said lots of planning was involved before Saturday, with the primary objective being to keep control of the 2000 bales alight, and stop the fire spreading.

“We started back burning late Thursday afternoon and continued into Friday evening, making a 400 metre perimeter around the shed, “ Anthony said.

“A side and back wall was pulled off to allow air flow through, and an excavator was used to pull the hay pile apart.”

“However we ceased excavation on Saturday morning due to the wind conditions as we didn’t want embers blowing into the stubble.”

“The weather conditions on Saturday, with forecast winds and heat, escalated the situation to almost catastrophic.”