Colin awarded with top honours

Northern Areas Council mayor, Denis Clark, has announced the winner of the  Australia Day Citizen of the Year Award for 2018 is Mr Colin Raison.

Colin was recognised for his many years of involvement and volunteering in the Gladstone, Southern Flinders Ranges and Mid North Region.

Not the type of person to seek accolades, Colin has been a high achiever behind the scenes for decades.

His attention to detail, quiet demeanour and good counsel has helped him quietly contribute to many organisations in community service, tourism and health for many years.

Colin has served as a key member of the Rocky River Lions Club for nearly 30 years. Across that time, he has served as club president, membership coordinator for the district and is the current vice president.

He is also a current member of the Southern Flinders Health Advisory Council,

Colin served as the secretary of the former Gladstone Community Development Board from 1986 to 1997 and was heavily involved in the operation of the Gladstone Gaol as a volunteer community tourist project until it was leased to private operators. From 1997 until 2001, he served as the inaugural secretary of the newly formed Gladstone Community Development and Tourism Association.

He served as the inaugural secretary of the Gladstone Community Caravan Park Management Committee from 1997 to 2011 and was instrumental in raising the standard of the park to three and a half stars.

He led the design and building of the highly acclaimed camp kitchen and groundwork for the installation of the first two ensuite cabins.

Colin played a major role in the research and establishment of the nine panels displaying Gladstone’s Railway heritage in “Three Gauges Park” opposite Gladstone IGA.

His grasp of history and how it can be best displayed was a key in the quality of this outstanding resource, and his demeanour has ensured he has remained a popular figure with tourists and railway “buffs” who frequent the town.

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