Dene’s flying high

BALAKLAVA Gliding Club’s latest asset, a DG1001S two seater glider means more to the club than an extra craft in its hangar.

The club recently purchased the agile high performance glider in a move to ensure it is up to date with latest technology gliders can offer, but to one member, it means more.

Dene Newton has been a member of the gliding club for 61 years and has rightfully earned his title as a life member.

Fellow club members wanted to further acknowledge Dene’s efforts to the club by titling the registration of their latest aircraft with the letters ‘DNC,’ (the C being a compulsory third letter add-on just for registration purposes.)

The registration was kept as a surprise for Dene until the arrival of the new craft.

“It was a big surprise, but I am really proud to have my initials on the tail,” Dene said.

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