Fresh committee ready to roll

BALAKLAVA Area Committee has a new leadership, with new president, Rob Veitch, and vice president, Richard Arthur, heading the community group into 2018.

Mr Veitch said he took on the role as a joint venture with Mr Arthur, who has ambitions to take over the presidency after 12 months in the deputy position.

Fran Henderson (treasurer) and Barb Rodgers (secretary) round out the Balaklava Area Committee executive.

The group is largely a linking organisation between Wakefield Regional Council and the town’s extremely active community and volunteer groups.

Previously, the BAC had taken on ambitious economic development visions but Mr Veitch explained it would be steering back towards a simplified goal of establishing local project priorities in coming months.

That includes working between council and community groups the committee represents to ensure both parties are well versed in what they are working towards.

“If there is a grant available, the best local project will get put up for support, rather than putting 10 different ones up against each other and not getting through the first stage,” Mr Veitch explained.

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