Locals to congregate at Chrysler convention

AUSTRALIA’S Chrysler vehicle community is set for an exciting and unique experience in February 2018, when the Chrysler Club of SA (CCCSA) hosts the Adelaide Chrysler Festival at the Tonsley Innovation District, 12km south of Adelaide.

Tonsley is the former headquarters of Chrysler Australia Ltd (CAL), and its centre for car manufacturing facilities.

Tonsley was opened in 1963 and used to assemble Chryslers, Valiants and Dodge Trucks until 1981, when it was sold to Mitsubishi.

Thanks to its association with Renewal SA, the government department now redeveloping Tonsley into Australia’s first and most awarded innovation district, the CCCSA can offer enthusiasts and the public alike a unique heritage experience, in the very building where many of the Australian Chrysler products were innovated and manufactured.

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