Clarkes: We’ve got a lot to be happy for

And with sheds and the land burned all around it, rising from the ashes and standing strong, the big, beautiful “Wedding Tree” and arbour the couple were married under still stands.

“We’ve got a lot to be happy for,” Julie-Anne said.

“We’re here, we’ve still got our house, our family is all safe and we’ve still got our dogs.”

Robert was in Adelaide and Julie-Anne was at work on Friday when the fire broke out on a neighbouring property and both are grateful for the efforts of Robert’s son, Chad, who did everything he could to save the property and animals.

“We’re just so lucky Chad was here, he was meant to go to work that morning but a job he had on was called off so he was still home,” Julie-Anne said.

“If he wasn’t here we would have lost so much more, he moved motorbikes and the caravan and the dogs.

“He ran up and down the hill moving things and using the bobcat to push the fire back.

“We feel very grateful to the CFS, local farmers with fire units and all emergency services and volunteers, and to Chad for saving the house.”

The couple were allowed to return to the home about 3pm on Friday afternoon and found the fire had reached the front lawn, just inside their dog yard and burned up the hill taking sheds, including one housing a front end loader, materials being stored for a home renovation and other personal belongings.

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