Crews remain on high alert

Fire crews will remain on high alert in the Clare district this week, with high fire danger conditions forecast for Thursday and Friday and concerns of flare-ups to the Emu Flat bushfire, which burned about 125 hectares of land last Friday.

Clare CFS deputy group officer, Michael Colbert, initial incident controller for Friday’s fire, said additional crews from outside the district were likely to be called in to be on stand-by at the end of this week with “concerns” for the forecast weather conditions.

There were some small flare ups on Monday, however fire crews who have remained at the fire site were able to extinguish them quickly.

Last Friday’s fire was started by a ride on mower on a Bennys Hill Road property on the outskirts of Clare, and Mr Colbert said firefighting aircraft were called in early to assist as it spread to hilly, sometimes inaccessible, terrain.

“We had 150 fire fighters on the ground on the day of Friday, four water bombers, the large Erickson air-crane, and spotter aircraft,” he said.

“The fire burned 125 hectares of land with a total perimeter of 6 kilometres.

“There was a big response from local farmers also, helping out in country where they were able to help but there was a lot of hilly terrain and top lavender which is very hard to extinguish at this time of the year.”

Initial reports a house had been destroyed by the fire were incorrect, however one shed housing a front end loader was destroyed, an airconditioner on the roof of a home at another property caught alight but the fire was extinguished, and other properties sustained damage to pipes, gutters and tanks as well as extensive loss of fences.

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