Excellent metal recoveries at Ketchowla near Burra

Archer Exploration Limited has reported outstanding results from recent metallurgical test work conducted on drill samples sourced at the company’s 100 per cent owned Ketchowla Cobalt Manganese Project, located near Burra.

The test work was undertaken in two stages:

Stage one: desliming (removal of clays) and gravity separation to make a concentrate that could then be leached.

Stage two: leaching of the concentrate, using sulphuric acid and sulphur dioxide (to control the pH), to recover the cobalt, manganese and other metals.

Archer’s executive chairman, Greg English, said the results from the Ketchowla metallurgical test work are encouraging.
“To be able to achieve cobalt recoveries of up to 98.66 per cent and manage recoveries of close to 100 per cent greatly enhances the potential of Ketchowla,”

“The leaching was undertaken using standard mineral processing techniques without the need for Archer to develop new processes. The ability to use “off the shelf” technology significantly de-risks the project.”

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