New land to be added to Southern Flinders national parks

A 1610-hectare property on the western slopes of the Southern Flinders Ranges has been purchased by the State Government for future inclusion in the national parks system.

The property, purchased from a private vendor, is located about 13 kilometres north east of Port Pirie.

It provides a connecting link between Telowie Gorge Conservation Park, the Napperby block of Mount Remarkable National Park, and the new Wirrabara Range Conservation Park.

The purchase of this land provides direct connection between two large existing parks and the connectivity of habitat in the area will allow for widespread species protection and dispersal.

The area provides suitable habitat for a number of state rare and vulnerable flora and fauna, including the Rough Bush-everlasting, Scarlet Robin and Regent Parrot.

It is also anticipated it will increase the conservation buffer around the southernmost colonies of the Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby.

The land purchase will also enable more effective fire mitigation works to be undertaken in areas affected by bushfires in recent years

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