Sabu to debut new Clare art house

“It is about making art a part of people’s lives and giving them some sort of recognition of being in the community.

“The idea was to do 26 portraits in 26 weeks, although it’s taken just a few weeks longer, but there will be 26 portraits hanging in The Art House for the exhibition.”

Also to feature in the exhibition will be a further 26 works of other styles and ideas, including cartoons, drawings and painting, “in contrast to the portraits”.

Raphael returned to portrait drawing after a 10-year break, entering  and receiving a ‘highly commended’ award at the Clare Portrait Prize in 2017 with a portrait of local florist Merrilyn Williams.

Partnering with the Plains Producer to publish his Art of the People portraits, Raphael hoped it had given others an insight into who lives in our community.

“I’ve tried to get a diverse profile of people from the region, everyday people, business people, high profile people, to show how we all connect in one community,” he said.

“I am trying to capture honest portraits and some people have been a bit hesitant to allow me to draw them, but after seeing it I think they have been happy with the result.

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