Weather stations to help reduce spray drift

Up to 40 new solar-powered weather stations across the region will provide vital data to assist in the minimisation of spray drift.

The weather stations will provide farmers with highly accurate and localised data about atmospheric stability, allowing farmers to avoid spraying pesticides when weather conditions indicate spray drift is likely.

Locations have been identified for 37 of the weather stations so far, with 14 in the Mid North area, 10 in the Adelaide Plains, nine in the Clare Valley, and four in the northern Yorke Peninsula.

Member for Frome, Geoff Brock, was at the Hart Field Site Group yesterday (Tuesday, February 13) afternoon to announce funding for The Ag Excellence Alliance to lead the pilot program.

It is estimated spray drift accounts for potential loss in production of up to $178 million per year if not addressed.

The first four stations are expected to be installed by the middle of this year with the network scheduled to be in place by September 2019.

A functional website for growers to access weather data from the stations is anticipated to be operational by July 2019.

The project will be jointly funded from the State Government’s Economic Sustainability Program and the Regional Development Fund.

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