Play to win

LAWN BOWLS: THE North Western Bowling Association Division 1 will need next week’s final minor round game to sort out third and fourth positions going into the finals.

While minor premier and defending champion Jamestown and second-placed BHAS Blue are in an unassailable position, third and fourth is open.

Melrose beat Peterborough 103-90 Saturday with two rinks up to shore up its position in the four with nine wins and 256 points while fourth-placed Crystal Brook was beaten by BHAS Blue leaving the door open for fifth-placed Laura (9, 254) to leapfrog into the four following its 123-69 win over BHAS Red.

This Saturday will see Crystal Brook start favourite on its artificial green against Melrose and Laura will start underdog at home to BHAS Blue.

The maximum points awarded for a win is 28, made up of 20 for the win and two for each rink.

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