Talk, laugh and read together

It all starts with you.

At 18 weeks pregnant, babies start to hear, and by around week 26, babies in the womb have been shown to respond to voices and noise.

There is a strong connection to oral language and how well children do, not just at school, but in forming and maintaining personal and social relationships and communicating their everyday needs.

By the time a child is due to start school, they generally have a well-developed and wide vocabulary and familiarity with language structures, thanks to parents who are rightfully regarded as their child’s first teachers.

Kinga Cornish, speech pathologist Gawler Portfolio, has been invited by Balaklava Community Children’s Centre (BCCC), Our Community Our Children and Balaklava Community Library, to share insights with parents, grandparents and carers about how to support your child’s oral language and early literacy development.

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