Call out for commemorative coronation plaque assistance

Back on Tuesday, June 29, 1953, the Girl Guides planted 12 Celtis and 13 Caucasian Ash trees along the western side of Main North Road in Clare to commemorate the coronation year of Queen Elizabeth II.

The trees between Paxton and Houghton street were dedicated to the memory of the fallen in World War II.

Brass plaques were erected at the base of the trees with the names of local servicemen –  D.R.Gilchrist, R.M Aitken and R.C.J Pawelski.

The gesture was conceived by the corporation of the Town of Clare and present at the ceremony were mayor J.R. Michael, all councillors (except Cr. G Pink, apology), president of the RSL, Mr. N. Gibson, Mrs. Gibson and Mr. F Standish.

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