Hawks soar straight to the top

The RSMU Hawks began the 2018 season in style on Saturday, smacking North Clare by 59 points at Riverton and soaring straight to the top rung.

Roosters’ new captain Nick Rowe had no hesitation in pointing north after winning the toss with the aid of a 3-goal wind in damp conditions with Tom Stevens, Dallas Hill and Anthony Simpson making their debuts for North Clare.

Mitchell Sandery was playing his first game and Steve Lubcke was coaching the Hawks for the first time and after new Roosters ruckman Jacob Nickolai won the opening tap the visitors controlled the first few minutes of the game, but failed to capitalize.

The locals got cracking with quick movement forward for Craig Mullins to goal and following the footy spending another length of the time in the northern half of the ground, without any result, the Hawks went forward again and Damian Hynes went bang for his first major.

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