Heinrichs targeted over Easter break by vandals

SC HEINRICH machinery was deliberately damaged over the Easter break, with an estimated damage bill of at least $15,000.

The machinery was secured on the south east direction between Riverton and Tarlee, off the main road which suggests a planned event, rather than an opportunistic attack.

The machines were going to assist the community with flood recovery works that Heinrichs were contracted to complete in the area, which has now been delayed.

Police were called and a report lodged, but due to the dusty nature of the crime scene, no fingerprinting could be done.

Alex Heinrich moved all machinery to the site by Saturday afternoon, and found the damage Tuesday morning when the Clare workers turned up to start work, giving approximately a 36 hour window for damage to have occured.

All machinery was insured, but Alex’s first thought was getting things fixed, and calculating downtime costs due to offline machinery.

“Everything inside the loader and excavator is broken – glass is smashed, the roof lining is slashed,” Alex said.