Northern Wakefield areas to join huge rural electorate

RURAL districts including Mallala, Balaklava, Riverton, Kapunda and Clare areas could become part of the federal Grey electorate when draft boundary realignments are announced on Friday.

The redistribution is driven by population quotas, with both Barker and Grey electorates requiring an increase in voters.

Given their respective static population growth, Wakefield is the nearest candidate with surplus voters and with the highest projected population growth in the state, Grey taking in Wakefield’s northern rural towns is the most logical option.

Grey needs another 18,000 to 22,000 voters to even out numbers.

The electorate is massive, a geographical nightmare to represent, covering more than 92 per cent of the state.

That figure will climb if the boundary realignment goes ahead and with both Liberal and Labor parties sharing rather similar plans for the redistribution, it is likely to get the green light from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

Grey MP, Rowan Ramsey, outlined his preferred boundary in a submission to the commission.