WRC sets speed limit stance

“Travellers to and from the Eyre Peninsula, Upper Spencer Gulf, Flinders Ranges and Outback might therefore be enticed to drive via Wakefield towns to get a sandwich and fuel instead,” he said.

Roads in question would be stringently assessed for safety by experts and also include specific local community input.

“That was sorely lacking from the previous State Government when the speed limits were reduced, it was done without community consultation or if it was done, it was largely ignored,” Mr Kuchel said.

“The key thing we see is it’s a safety issue, if people are travelling too slow for the road condition, their attention wanders.

“Through the elected members, council’s general consensus is 100km/h is too slow for some roads.”

WRC will be putting together a formal submission to present to the Transport Minister, Stephan Knoll, for consideration.

“In reality, just writing a letter won’t achieve much, so we’ve got to provide plenty of good supporting information as to why we want these changes,” Mr Kuchel said.

“We have an opportunity with this new government, which has already returned about 10 roads back to 110km/h, as part of its election promise.”

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