Owls struggle for numbers as Peckers go big

BALAKLAVA built some crucial percentage against an Angle Vale side desperately looking to the end of the season with an injury list longer than Minister Michael Curry’s Royal Wedding speech.

It meant several key A grade players, including captain, Trent Payne, vice captain, Sean Maher, and young utility, Kyle Cullen, were amongst five A graders, plus coach, Troy Treverton, who played the earlier B grade contest.

Several senior colts also doubled up for the Owls, who started the match with only 17 on the field, which was quickly rectified moments before the first ball-up.

Key forwards, Jason McPharlin and Shane Moss had equal spoils from the afternoon, kicking 14 each but were the more accurate players on the ground for the Peckers, the side registering 39 behinds from 78 scoring shots.

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