Abseiling wall on the up and up

A PROPOSAL to build a 16-metre high wall as part of an abseil training facility near Beaufort is yet to reach any great heights, with a neighbouring property owner seeking to halt the development.

Wakefield Regional Council approved the development proposal, which Mark Simunsen lodged with council in March 2017.

The proposal was described as ‘Proposed change of use to abseil training facility comprising of the construction of a 16-metre high, steel abseiling tower, instruction room, toilet block, kitchen/dining room, rainwater tanks and driveway and parking area works’.

The facility was to be built on Section 182, Hundred of Clinton in the Beaufort area.

Neighbouring landowner, Remo Bria, formally opposed approval of the proposal, claiming it was at odds with the land use of primary production zoned land.

The matter landed WRC in Environment Resources and Development Court earlier this year.

In court, Mr Bria also argued ‘the essential nature of the proposal was changed subsequent to it being originally advertised, and the proposal was unlawful and could not lawfully proceed’.

This change revolved around the removal of a condition limiting use of the facility to 20 days a year.

He also raised questions surrounding the requirement of the applicant to include road upgrade works needed to access the land in question.

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