Strudwicke deputy mayor – and drawn from a hat

Elections for position of deputy mayor for Adelaide Plains Council were held at a council meeting on Wednesday, November 21, with councillor, Marcus Strudwicke, elected for a 12-month term.

There were three options available to councillors at the meeting to elect the deputy mayor – by resolution, indicative vote or election.

The councillors, who had already resolved the term be 12 months, chose indicative preferential vote for the process.

This process requires all councillors, including the mayor, to ‘leave’ the formal council meeting to vote – as councillors.

The vote was tied, resulting in the names of the two contenders, Marcus Strudwicke and Terry-Anne Keen, quite literally put in a hat!

With both contenders having an equal chance, Terry-Anne’s name was pulled out of the hat that was apparently borrowed from a member of the gallery, with the remaining name (Marcus) being the person elected until November 21, 2019.

All voting was completed in accordance with legislations and the LGA.

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