Counterfeit note found in Clare

A counterfeit $50 note was detected by eagle-eyed Clare National Australia Bank staff in the last fortnight.

Branch manager Emily Elkhoury is now urging locals to be on the look-out for fake notes in the lead up to Christmas and the holiday period.

“We’ve had one counterfeit note come through from a business that didn’t realise they had it,” Emily said.

“The note has now been sent to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and if the money is deemed by the Australian Federal Police to be fake then it will not be reimbursed to the holder – unfortunately the customer with the money is going to be left short.

“I don’t want local businesses to be left short as a result of counterfeit notes.”

With Christmas and summer holidays around the corner, Emily said unfortunately it was peak time for fraudsters to try and move counterfeit money.

“With the new $50 note released in October, it’s likely people holding counterfeit $50 notes based on the old design will be trying to get rid of them,” she said.

“Also, during high cash-spend times, like Christmas and the holidays, there’s likely to be a bit of a peak in usage of counterfeit notes.

“It’s a good time to make your staff and the general public aware that these counterfeits may be around and not to accept them if they are suspicious, the same goes for money that is damaged.

“If you do get what you suspect is a counterfeit note, firstly you’re within your rights not to accept it, but if you do receive one, take it to the police station.”

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) advises it is an offence to knowingly possess counterfeit banknotes.