Tranel shoots for the stars

Sitting for year 12 exams in physics, chemistry, maths methods and English literary studies, is not everyone’s cup of tea, but Balaklava High School (BHS) student, Tranel Churchett-Gomez, took on the lot with great success, and was rewarded as dux of 2018 for his efforts.

Tranel received an ATAR of 93.85, with a university adjustment making his result 99.8, a score that will see him accepted into a Bachelor of Science Advanced course at Adelaide Uni, possibly majoring in physics.

“My main pathway is physics, but I’d like to study astro physics and space too, especially with the new space industry in Adelaide,” Tranel said.

“He worked hard and was hoping for a high mark, but didn’t feel too confident after his exams,” Tranel’s mum, Vivienne Churchett, said.

“I wasn’t the best at time management, and did most of my assignments at home,” Tranel said.

“It was a bit stressful, but the more I enjoyed aspects of the subjects, the easier I found it.”

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