SA’s worst roads left off high priority project list

The absence of South Australia’s worst roads on the list of highest priority projects for Infrastructure Australia, including Horrocks Highway, has been slammed by the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) SA as ‘totally unacceptable.’

Chief executive of CCF (SA), Phil Sutherland, said none of the eight projects on Infrastructure Australia’s (IA) updated high priority list, were earmarked for SA.

“Of the next category, priority projects, only three of the 10 listed were for SA, and of the 74 priority initiatives, only seven were earmarked for SA,” he said.

“Putting aside South Road, the updated IA list beggars belief that none of South Australia’s 10 worst roads made the Infrastructure Australia cut.”

Roads in our area are Wakefield – Port Augusta (Augusta Highway); and Gawler – Clare (Horrocks Highway).

“When it comes to Federal Government road funding, SA has 11 per cent of the national road network but receives just seven per cent of the funding.

“Infrastructure Australia could help address that short fall.” The CCF (SA) said its plea to the Federal Government in the lead up to the pending May election is to give SA a “fair go” when it comes to road funding.

“What we need is better roads, and we need them now.

“Lowering speed limits and fining people into poverty is not the answer.”