Free access to glucose monitoring for Type I diabetes

March 1 marked the day when free access to glucose monitoring devices was to be extended to pregnant women and more children and adults living with specific and rare forms of Type 1 diabetes.

“The subsidy is worth up to $7000 per person and underlines the Liberal Government’s record investment in health”, Mr Ramsey, Federal Member for Grey and Parliamentary Diabetes chairperson, said.

“The Government’s investment over the next five years will assist 37,000 eligible people, including many in the Grey electorate with Type 1 diabetes through the expansion of the Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Initiative”, he said.

“Since April 2017, we have been able to provide fully subsidised CGM products to children and young people with Type 1 diabetes under 21 years of age.

“As a result of our efforts to deliver a stronger economy we can now extend that cover.

“The investment is accompanied by record numbers of new medicines we have been able to list on the PBS also as a result of the strong economy.”

Mr Ramsey said he was lobbying to have this extended to all Type 1 diabetics that need this type of device.

Eligibility for fully subsidised CGM products will include:

• Children and young people with conditions very similar to Type 1 diabetes, such as cystic fibrosis related diabetes and neonatal diabetes, who require insulin;

• Women with Type 1 diabetes who are pregnant, actively planning pregnancy, or immediately post-pregnancy; and

• People with Type 1 diabetes aged 21 years or older who have concessional status and have a high clinical need to access CGM products.

A continuous glucose monitoring device will continually monitor a person’s glucose levels and provides alerts if glucose levels become unsafe.

Mr Ramsey said this investment builds on the government’s recent announcement of $54.5 million for research into Type 1 diabetes.

“The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Australia will receive $25 million to advance its Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research Network,” he said.

Eligibility criteria and additional information for the expanded CGM Initiative is available on the NDSS website at