Motorcycle Club development on track

Preparation works have begun on an upgrade of facilities and track at the Clare Motorcycle Club’s George Wade Memorial Off-road Park.

The Clare Motorcycle Club Community Facility Upgrade is expected to boost junior development as well as female participation.

The project has been made possible through a $50,000 Federal Government Sport Australia Community Sport Infrastructure grant announced in 2018, along with a significant contribution from CMCC, and in-kind support pledged from four local companies.

Upgrades will include installation of new male and female toilet and change room facilities, and a junior development track will be designed and built to provide beginner riders a safe place to learn and improve skills.

The space will be utilised by coaches to run targeted training sessions.

Accessible spectator areas will be created to allow comprehensive view of the motocross track and parking facilities will be enlarged and levelled to allow riders and spectators easier, safer access.

In addition, the current motocross track will undergo some major changes, including revising of the current start straight and building designated pit parking

CMCC said this would allow safe and convenient access to both motocross and enduro tracks and the realignment would see the track run in the opposite direction and jumps and corners redesigned.

All work will be done within guidelines set out by Motorcycling Australia, consultation with club members and the CMCC’s environmental management plan.

Preparation works have already begun and all work is expected to be completed during 2019.

Long-time club member and development committee member, John Barry, said it was an exciting time for CMCC and its 100 members.

“It’s very exciting for us,” he said.

“New facilities including toilets and changerooms for males and females is much needed, and that really came to light for us last year when we promoted a female ride to get more girls involved in the sport.

“We had quite a few girls come from Adelaide to ride and it really dawned on us then that we really had no facilities suitable for the girls to change in.

“The junior track will be more user-friendly for the kids so we can teach them the safe way to ride. We really need to bring more kids into the sport and with that, comes more families and members, which is great for the club.

“With these new facilities, nice toilets and changerooms that will be portable, and track upgrade it is an exciting time.”

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