Hannah to head YMCA

CLARE local, Hannah Salter, was announced as the successful 2019 YMCA Young CEO Movement candidate last week, and will get to spend a day in the chair as YMCA South Australia CEO.

As part of the leading not-for-profit’s commitment to empowering young people, YMCAs around Australia will be led by young people, aged 18 to 30, on Friday, April 12, to mark the start of Youth Week.

Hannah, 21, born and bred in Clare, was the first local employed by the YMCA after it assumed management of The Valleys Fitness and Lifestyle Centre in July 2017.

She has her own business working as a personal trainer and started with the YMCA as a group fitness instructor.

Hannah progressed to be appointed as the centre’s Health and Fitness Team Leader in November last year.

Hannah, one of four daughters for Paul and Veronica Salter, said her parents have always been supportive of their interests and goals.

“Our parents have always encouraged us to do what interested us,” Hannah said.

“I have always been active and involved in sport and fitness and I’m very keen to keep learning and progressing.”

Valleys Lifestyle Centre manager, Ben Whalen, informed Hannah about the Young CEO opportunity and her commitment and enthusiasm to lead stood out, resulting in her selection.

“I want to understand how business decisions are made and what information is used to make them- management has so much to it,” Hannah said.

“It’s so rewarding to the staff when we have a good month and some good outcomes for members and I want to be able to influence that.”

Hannah’s long-term goal includes possibly managing her own centre or business, and more study so she can learn more about the industry.

“Running something of my own would be good in time but I love what I am doing now,” she said.

YMCA South Australia CEO, Haydn Robins, said the day would provide Hannah, as one of the youngest Team Leaders in the YMCA, with exposure to a broad range of organisational challenges with an opportunity to provide input into strategy and solutions.

Hannah will attend a training day in Melbourne with a group of other successful nominees from around the country on Thursday, March 28, underlining the YMCA’s commitment to empowering young people.