New estate to turn town’s fate

Konzag development to propel Mallala’s population

BLOCKS of land at the proposed Gracewood residential development at Mallala could be on the market in 12 months, according to developer and local farmer, Richard Konzag.

In a bid to stop the recent decline in their local town, the Konzag family has released concept plans for a new development to Mallala’s north, accommodating more than 350 new blocks.

“We’ve gradually lost businesses and services in the town over the last 20 years and we don’t want to see that happen any more,” Mr Konzag explained.

“So if we can bring more population to the town, there will be more people to shop locally and support the businesses here but also the sporting clubs and community groups around the town too.”

The 40-hectare parcel of land takes its name, Gracewood, from its location in the Hundred of Grace.

Mr Konzag took inspiration from recent growth in neighbouring towns like Freeling and Wasleys.

“There were some nice subdivisions done in Wasleys which went ahead and it has become quite a progressive little town now,” he said.

“There’s not too many blocks to build new homes on in Mallala.

“This is a 15-20 year project, which will hopefully see steady growth, so you shouldn’t see too much change about the character of the place.”

Project manager, Gerard Coutts, said Gracewood is planned to offer buyers something different with a focus on quality.

“Wide tree-lined streets, orientation to maximise northerly aspect, an adjacent cooperative solar park which will reduce energy costs for residents, a dog park, walking trails for easy pedestrian movement and thoughtful landscaping will all feature in our creative development design,” he said.

“A strong focus has been the inclusion of green space, with approximately 3ha of land for picnic areas and nature play spaces.

The solar park won’t be built until some houses are established, along with demand.

All residents in the district can opt to buy in to the solar co-op, which will have a deal developed with a power provider to offer cheaper electricity rates.

The construction of road and power infrastructure rests with Mr Konzag as the developer.

“We’re hoping to have some display homes on site to draw people up and have a look at the blocks,” he said.

Through Mr Coutts, the development of Gracewood will be overseen by an experienced group of project managers including planners, urban designers, engineers and landscape architects.

“It might seem a bit out there, a farmer working as a developer, but it is something we’ve thought about as a family for a long time,” Mr Konzag said.

Part of the challenging role ahead is juggling both the farming business and the ongoing management of the new development.

“We’ve been refocusing our own roles a bit, Simon (Lutt) and Trish will be on the farm while Ryan and I will be working on the subdivision,” Mr Konzag said.

“Our roles will cross over at times where we’re working in each other’s pockets but we’ve also got a really good team around us.

“The important thing for us is if we can get more sales on the books, the better off everyone in the community will be.

“I’ve received a number of phone calls, texts, Facebook messages, it’s all been positive and supportive, and I think people see the reasons behind why we’re doing it.”

Conceptual planning and design for the project is still being worked through with council staff ahead of lodgement of a formal land division application for assessment purposes in the coming weeks.

Prospective buyers can lodge their interest in blocks online.