Steamtown’s last hurrah

A huge crowd, well in excess of 2000, attended Peterborough oval on Saturday to see Jamestown-Peterborough play Orroroo in an emotional ‘last hurrah’ at the famous Steamtown ground.

With a lack of enough volunteers to keep the ground and its facilities up to scratch for just two fixtures a year, the demise of the venue was unfortunate, but predictable.

Cricket has not been played on the ground for many years either.

Peterborough has a long and proud history in Australian Rules Football, starting in the late 1870s when a few men and boys began kicking a footy around for fun. On July 4, 1881, the Petersburg Football Club was formed and over the coming years, games were played against Jamestown, Dawson and Terowie.

The game gradually progressed with solid support from the locals and the Northern Football Association was formed in 1889 with teams representing Port Pirie, Centrals (Jamestown and Caltowie combined), Crystal Brook, Laura and Petersburg competing. Petersburg grew and in 1911 it supported its own footy association.

Fast forward to 1962 and Peterborough Saints Football Club was admitted to the Northern Areas Football Association (NAFA.)

Premierships in 1966, 67, 69, 70, 71, 73, 88; and 2003/04 as Jamestown-Peterborough followed. Saturday also saw a reunion for the legendary 1994 senior colts premiership team, with all but five players attending.

For the record, Orroroo won the A grade by 48 points on Saturday, but the occasion brought out the best in the struggling Sainters who produced their finest effort for the year so far under first-year coach Luke Sandland.

All matches will now be played at Jamestown’s Victoria Park ground.

• Pictured: Peterborough’s legendary 1994 senior colts premiership team L-R: Aidy Redden, Simon Tebble, Ben Kellaway, Damian Crack, Andrew Lang, Mal Malycha, Jay Evans, Nathan Howe, Roy Hughes, Scott Mesecke, Paul Pens, Ben Casey (captain), Jarrod Malycha, Jeremy Howe (vice captain), Matt Clune, Brett Wallace (coach), Matt Tebble, Darryl Cundy and Kim Scharkie.