RecFish funding reeled in

THE state’s recreational fishing representative group, RecFish SA, will no longer receive State Government funding support but the Fisheries Minister, Tim Whetstone, has different plans to capture the views of amateur anglers.

RecFish SA was funded $270,000 over two years from the State Government to consult with the recreational fishing sector on fisheries management issues.

This contract ends on June 30.

Mr Whetstone revealed the government is opting to establish Minister’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council.

“The council is made up of representatives from recreational fishing groups across the state as well as five directly elected
members,” he said.

“The purpose of this group is to consult with the sector, work together to benefit recreational fishing and to provide advice direct to government about what the sector needs.

“The recreational fishing sector asked for change, and we delivered with the creation of this new council.

“The government now recognises the Minister’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council as the primary source of advice regarding recreational fishing.”

As expected, RecFish SA executives aren’t hooked on the idea.

Danny Simpson, Executive Director of RecFish SA, claimed the move “shows little regard for the opinions of grass roots recreational fishers and a complete lack of respect for their peak body.”

“In his brief time as Minister, Mr Whetstone has gone about the systematic dismantling of recreational fishing in this state.

“The Minister has disregarded the strong opinions of the recreational fishing sector that commercial long-lining for snapper and netting for whiting and garfish must be reined in before stocks are decimated.”

RecFish SA has called on its 3500 members to express their outrage to the government about this decision and seek its