Bright swimming days ahead in Jamestown

A vibrant new wall mural will greet swimmers at Jamestown swimming pool next summer and is already turning heads as people travel into town from the west.

It has all been thanks to a generous donation from local artist, Helen Pammenter, who presented the proceeds of her recent 90th birthday art exhibition to the Jamestown Pool Management Committee for the Pool Entrance Project.

Fittingly, the project pulls together two of Helen’s great loves – art and swimming – in a colourful upgrade to the entrance walls of the pool.

Adelaide mural artist Marciano Arentez – who moved to South Australia from Holland four years ago – was entrusted with the art project, and pool management committee member Vanessa Duke said the now-completed mural certainly fits his brief.

“We wanted to make the entrance more inviting and vibrant and entice people in to see our great facility behind the wall,” Vanessa said.

“There’s dolphins, octopus, colourful coral and a ray of sunlight through the water, we wanted it to be colourful, inviting and pleasing to both children and adults.

“Already the mural has been well-received, I think it’s been really uplifting and given it’s directly across from the Northern Areas Council chambers and the main supermarket in town, as well as on the main road in from the west, it’s very visible and will be seen by many – not just locals, but people passing through also.

“It could not be possible without Helen’s support, and she tells me she was once a very keen swimmer and now the fourth generation of her family is using the pool.”

New paving will complete the Pool Entrance Project, giving the pool safer and more accessible access, and complements improvements inside including upgraded changing facilities and solar panels.

• Pictured: Jamestown artist Helen Pammenter with mural artist Marciano Arentez.