Clare Hospital theatre closed due to damage

Clare Hospital’s surgical theatre has been closed while repairs are undertaken to the ceiling of an adjacent store room.

It has left the hospital without access to its operating theatre for maternity, emergency or elective surgeries, which have been diverted to Gawler hospital in the interim.

Clare Hospital acting director of nursing, Tara Conlon, said a leaking pipe had caused damage to the ceiling of the storeroom.

“Repair works are required to the storeroom and as a result the theatre is unavailable until works are completed,” she said. “A specialist cleaner was called in to ensure the operating theatre is deemed safe for use as per our usual procedure.

“Due to these works, interim measures are in place to support any maternity patients who may be affected during this temporary disruption.”

Ms Conlon said Clare Hospital catered for elective surgeries in the community and all emergency surgeries were undertaken at Gawler Health Service or metropolitan hospitals.

“All urgent cases will be treated and no patient with urgent surgical needs will be impacted throughout this period,” she said.

“The theatre is expected to be operating as normal by next week.

“All emergency surgeries will be catered for at the Gawler Hospital until further notice and elective surgeries have been rescheduled.”