Terry Bevan Reports on NEFL Round 11


The Southern Saints got their finals chances back on track at Robertstown on Saturday, beating the fast-finishing BBH Rams by 17 points.

Cody Jones was playing his first A grade game for BBH, but kicking south with the aid of a 2 or 3-goal wind the locals got cracking with Jake Egel getting hold of a loose footy and snapping his first goal with only 90 seconds on the clock.

Lachlan Cluse goaled on the run after the Saints won the centre clearance from the restart and when Dane Pfitzner marked the footy in the goal-square and popped through his first it was three goals to zip with only 4 minutes gone.

Eudunda/Robertstown was up and about with Jack Wilkins converting from 45 metres out and Cluse marked the footy 30 metres out from goal before driving home his second for the term.

Finally the Rams got their hands on the footy, Kyle Crompton came into the game and got the scoreboard ticking over, booting a major for the visitors and Robby Bartee went bang, bang to get BBH into the game with consecutive goals.

Very late in the quarter Egel snapped his second major for the term and the Saints went to the first break 20 points up 6.3-39 to 3.1-19.

The locals jumped out of the blocks quickly in the second term with Pfitzner check-siding through his second goal for the half, but the Rams responded and started to get on top at the stoppages through hard work from Thomas Drew and Crompton.

BBH missed a few shots at goal before Guy Hutchinson split the middle for his first major and Bartee, who was clearly having an impact banged through his third goal for the first half.

The visitors were well and truly in the contest with Eudunda/Robertstown up by only 9 points at the big break 7.4-46 to 5.5-35.

There’s a fair chance the Southern Saints got a bit of a rev-up at half-time as they hit the ground running in the third quarter with Pfitzner snapping his third goal for the day from close range with 3 minutes gone.

Three minutes later Leigh Kimpton marked the footy on the lead and converted his first major and after Cluse soccered through his third goal for the game the locals had created a bit of breathing space.

Hutchinson did get one back for the visitors, but Kimpton replied for the Saints, giving him two for the term and Corey Ah Chee gave his team a 38-point buffer 12.8-80 to 6.6-42 heading into the final term after converting from 20 metres out.

BBH missed a couple of chances to cut into the deficit considerably early in the last quarter and Kimpton made the visitors pay by marking the footy and driving through his third goal for the second half, but the Rams never hung their heads.

They hit back big time with Crompton threading through his second goal for the day, Eli Dayman kicked truly, Hutchinson sent the footy over the goal-umpires head for a third time and Bartee slammed through his fourth goal for the afternoon.

The Rams did enjoy a late flurry and they played with a lot more purpose in this game than they did in round 10, especially at the stoppages which is encouraging for all involved, but at the end of the day two very good quarters from the Saints set-up their 17-point victory.

Final score Eudunda/Robertstown 13.9-87 def BBH 10.10-70


The BSR Tigers bounced back from their round 10 defeat in emphatic fashion at Spalding on Saturday, obliterating the Min/Man Eagles by 128 points.

Kicking with the aid of a 4-goal wind heading south the Tigers drew first blood in the first minute through Sam Martin after the locals won the centre clearance from the opening bounce.

A few minutes later Sam Wilsdon soccered through his first after his brother Lachie drove in the entry and Sam Wilsdon had two by the 7-minute mark when he marked a long bomb from Cameron Longbottom and didn’t miss from 20 metres out.

It was four goals to zip when Leigh Fuller marked and converted from 45 metres out, but finally with 14 minutes on the clock Cody Woolford set-up Chris Hallion for the Eagles’ first major.

Min/Man lifted following the Hallion goal, making life difficult for the reigning premiers, but with the quarter-time siren imminent Lachie Wilsdon marked the footy 30 metres out directly in front, the siren blew, Wilsdon put it through and BSR was 27 points up 5.3-33 to 1.0-6.

The Tigers roared into action in the second quarter with Stuart Longmire making no mistake from 25 metres out and Sam Wilsdon received a handball from Isaac Moller before check-siding his third major with 5 minutes gone.

Two minutes later Moller held onto a strong pack mark and converted from 35, Sam Wilsdon poked home his fourth from the goal-square with 9 minutes on the clock and two minutes later Martin just scraped through his second goal.

It was one-way traffic to the northern end of the ground as Jeremy Sargent accepted a free down the ground after Jordan Clements got decked and goaled from 25 metres out.

Simon Goss got in on the action taking a grab at the back of a pack and playing on before snapping successfully and Matthew Longbottom bombed the footy in for Sargent to mark and boot the locals’ eighth major for the term.

Finally, with 5 minutes gone in the time-on period Isaac Shearer was rewarded with a free for a strong tackle on a Tiger and converted Min/Man’s second six-pointer, but the Tigers were 67 points up at the long break 13.5-83 to 2.4-16.

The wind was still worth 3 or 4 goals to the southern end at the start of the third term and 4 minutes in a chain of handballs allowed Longbottom space to kick his first goal.

The Eagles put the brakes on the locals for awhile before Sargent received a handball and snapped his third and Longbottom who was working his butt off threaded through a beauty from a tight angle.

BSR did have 10 scoring shots for the quarter, but they were only on target three times and rounded the final bend 91 points in front 16.12-108 to 2.5-17.

Josh Slade got the scoreboard ticking over within the first four minutes of the final term, getting on the end of some good foot skills and slotting through his first from 25 metres out.

Four minutes later Lachie Wilsdon sent the footy over the goal-umpires head from 30, Slade banged through his second goal at the 10-minute mark and six minutes later Lachie Wilsdon found brother Sam with a Pele soccer and from point blank range Sam Wilsdon popped through his fifth goal for the afternoon.

The Tigers finished off with Lachie Wilsdon converting his third goal, Sargent snapped his fourth major for the day and the Tigers were winners by a huge 128-point margin.

Final score BSR 22.14-146 def Min/Man 2.6-18


The South Clare Demons rammed home six goals to zip in the first term at Clare on Saturday to set-up a 48-point win over the RSMU Hawks.

Jackson Moller and Tom Hall were playing their first A grade game for South, while Ben Parkinson and Corey Hocking were making their A grade debut’s for RSMU.

The Demons kicked south with the aid of a 2 or 3-goal breeze and after Mitchell Reynolds and Shane Ballantyne both missed the target Jordan Newton nailed the opening goal for the game with 3 minutes gone.

Matt Naumann had the chance to reply a minute later, but he snapped a point and the locals pounced following misses from Alex Falconer and Eamon Fetherstonhaugh.

Newton nailed a second for the term, Fetherstonhaugh goaled on the run, Brodie Murphy marked the footy before converting his first and Falconer made up for his earlier miss by running in and booting his opening major.

Naumann had another chance to goal early in time-on, but he failed to convert and Reynolds made him pay with an accurate snap and the Demons had six.

Arthur Densley followed up with a minor score for the locals, Justin Schahinger kicked a point at the northern end of the ground and at quarter-time South Clare was 38 points up 6.5-41 to 0.3-3.

The advantage was out to 44 points by the 4-minute mark of the second quarter when Murphy slotted through his second goal for the half, but seven minutes later Patrick Clark received a free and converted the Hawks first goal for the game.

Away went the Hawks out of the centre from the restart and Damian Hynes went bang on the run for six points and they had another opportunity to goal following the restart after Marty Rohde marked the footy, but he missed.

Ballantyne got one back for the Demons, but approaching the time-on period it was Clark again that got involved, taking a good grab and sending the footy over the goal-umpires head for the second time in the term.

Late in the quarter first gamer Moller marked and converted his first goal in A grade footy for South, giving the Demons a 37-point buffer after a much-better quarter from the Hawks 9.5-59 to 3.4-22.

The Demons fired up at the start of the third quarter, but they couldn’t buy a goal with Murphy failing to convert, Daniel Minney missed and after a rushed behind Alex Falconer missed twice before Minney finally snapped successfully halfway through the term.

Densley chimed in with a minor score approaching time-on, entering time-on Falconer split the middle and after Murphy missed again, Falconer snapped his second for the term and his third goal for the afternoon.

RSMU failed to trouble the scoreboard attendant in the all-important third quarter and South Clare had kicked away to lead by 62 points 12.12-84 to 3.4-22.

The locals had the first two chances to goal in the last quarter, but Ballantyne marked and kicked a behind, Falconer missed a snap at goal and all of a sudden the visitors got a run on.

Clark and Rohde both registered minor scores before Cooper Behn marked and kicked truly and following the restart Clark marked the footy and converted his third goal for the day.

The big moment came for young Parkinson after the Hawks won the centre clearance from the restart, but unfortunately for the debutant he missed a snap at goal.

RSMU kept the footy in the area and Craig Mullins got into a gallop before driving home his first goal, to give the Hawks six scoring shots in five minutes of total domination.

Reynolds got one back for the Demons around the 15-minute mark, giving him two goals for the game, but after Brady Griffiths sent the footy the wrong side of the large upright Mullins goaled on the run again.

Minney completed the comfortable victory, snapping his second major for the second half and the Demons had taken care of an undermanned Hawks line-up by 48 points.

Final score South Clare 14.14-98 def RSMU 7.8-50



NORTH Clare nailed a big scalp in round 10 and on Saturday, they nailed the biggest scalp of the competition, the Cats by 9 points at Snowtown.

The Roosters won the toss and had no hesitation in electing to kick south with the aid of a three-goal wind and with not a cloud in the sky they went bang through Dallas Hill, with an accurate soccer after a penetrating dob to the goal-square from Charlie Helbig.

Blyth/Snowtown had the chance to reply, but Dylan Foulis missed a snap at goal from 30 metres out in the Telstra Tower pocket and for the next six or seven minutes it became a battle of defences.

Grady Armfield and Lachlan Jaeschke were leading the way for the visitors while Mickey Atkinson and James Hunter were seeing plenty of the footy for the Cats, before the Roosters broke through.

North Clare was applying good pressure on their more fancied opponents and with 13 minutes on the clock they were rewarded when James Brown received a free for holding the ball and sent the footy deep inside fifty for Tyson Francis to gather and snap truly.

A minute later Shane Channon unloaded with a big bomb from 60 that rolled through for a behind and with 18 minutes gone the Cats struck, Nick McCormack gathered the footy and gave it to Foulis who goaled from 35 metres out.

North regrouped and with two minutes gone in time-on Jake Panoho roved the footy from a ball-up and drove it inside 50 where Ben Cross got hold of it and from 35 metres out snapped successfully.

Blyth/Snowtown won the centre clearance from the restart and David Giles marked the footy before converting his first, but the Roosters hit back with Todd Panoho winning a hard footy and pumping it inside fifty where Hill marked.

Hill failed to convert from 30, but after the kick-in from full-back Hill received a free, made no mistake from 40 metres out for his second and the Roosters went to the first huddle 13 points up 4.2-26 to 2.1-13.

The Cats purred into action at the start of the second term and following a missed ping from 55 metres out off the boot of Cameron Giles and a rushed behind, Ryan Darling gathered a loose footy and goaled off the left boot from 25 metres out with 3 minutes gone.

Cross could’ve replied two minutes later after receiving a free 30 metres out from goal, but he missed the target and the locals made him pay with Harry Viney receiving a free for a Rooster throw and kicking truly from 45 metres out.

Once again the Roosters had the opportunity to answer, but George Pretlove failed to convert after getting a free kick 30 metres out and Viney could’ve made him pay as well after marking a big bomb inside 50 from Foulis, but he missed.

Following the Viney miss from 40, big Rooster Tom Huppatz tragically went down at a boundary throw-in and was stretchered from the ground with a serious knee injury.

After a 5-minute delay in play the visitors were another player down when Jacob Nickolai injured his shoulder which didn’t look good, but the Roosters rallied with Hill receiving a free and driving the footy to full-forward where Will Nickolai gathered and goaled from point blank range.

Blyth/Snowtown retaliated and it was McCormack who roved a throw-in at the back and goaled from 30 metres out to level the scores at half-time 5.4-34 apiece.

North Clare had a golden opportunity to strike first in the second half when they won the centre clearance and Daniel Garrard received a free 20 metres out from goal directly in front, but he missed.

Blyth/Snowtown made Garrard pay with only 2 minutes gone when Caleb Lloyd gathered the footy and delivered a great pass to David Giles on the lead who marked and converted his second goal for the game from 35 metres out.

The Roosters responded, but Hill missed the target from the 50-metre arc after marking a pass from Helbig and Hill had another chance to goal after gathering a kick to full-forward from Tom Stevens, but he missed a snap over his head.

Following the kick-in from full-back Francis got hold of the footy and went bang from 45 metres out for his second and Armfield, who was now in the ruck got a free at a throw-in, but he brought up the visitors fourth point for the quarter.

North Clare continued to press, the pressure on the Cats was relentless, not allowing them to relieve the forward thrusts and with 16 minutes gone Hill got hold of the footy in traffic, spun out of trouble and snapped his third goal for the day over his shoulder from 45 metres out.

Again the visitors went forward and again the pressure mounted, Michael Bannon got the footy to Francis who went to Will Nickolai, but from 40 metres out Nickolai kicked another Roosters’ behind.

Darling had the chance to steal a late goal for the Cats when he marked the footy 40 metres out from goal, but the coach missed the target and the Roosters entered the home straight 10 points in front 7.9-51 to 6.5-41.

It was up and back football for the first 10 minutes of the fourth quarter as the Roosters tried valiantly to maintain their buffer and an upset was brewing before the locals finally found an avenue to goal.

Gareth Ottens got his hands on the footy and kicked to half-forward where Darling gathered and went short to Viney who marked and slotted through his second major for the game from 40 metres out.

The visitors hit back with Stevens finding Hill who went wide to Francis, but from 45 metres out in the Telstra Tower pocket the footy went through off hands for a behind.

The Roosters kept the footy in the area after the kick-in, Francis got hold of it and with a magnificent snap from the boundary line, 45 metres out in the north-west pocket Francis split the middle for his third.

The Cats did respond, but Viney missed the target from 40 and after a rushed behind the siren rang out, even with three guns missing and their two ruckmen gone before half-time the intense pressure applied by the Roosters was good enough to nail the biggest scalp of the competition, by 9 points.

Final score North Clare 8.10-58 def Blyth/Snowtown 7.7-49

North Clare coach Peter Cook was rapt his team maintained their intensity for the whole game and said it was good reward for a terrific effort.

“The Cats are renowned for being really strong at the contests and I was rapped with the way our blokes went about it for the whole four quarters, we never let off really, we had a lot of opportunities in the third quarter, we couldn’t quite take them, but to stick with it in the last quarter I thought we were the team that had a bit of run,” he said.

“In the context of the whole season it was a huge win for us, every game’s a final for us from here on in and we can’t afford to lose one if we want to make the four, but yeah it was great, it was a good win for the lads too, good reward for a terrific effort.”

Blyth/Snowtown coach Ryan Darling said his team didn’t have their normal hot period and they need to get back to doing the things that put them on top.

“We weren’t clean today, even when the pressure is up we still back ourselves to hit our targets and when we have that patch of 10 or 15 minutes we normally have to break teams open, it didn’t happen today, but those things happen,” Darling said.

“I believe we’ve got a good group here and it’s definitely not going to hurt them, it’s a bit of a wake-call for a few boys, we’ve got another tough game next week, so it’s about us getting back to doing the things that got us into this good position earlier in the year.”