Marrabel lad joins the Crows

WHEN Harry Schoenberg was selected by the Adelaide Crows at pick 24 in the AFL National Draft on Thursday night, a few experts were surprised to see him go so early but no one could put his fate down to luck.

Stung by his non-selection in the SA State Academy about 12 months ago, Schoenberg, a former Min-Man junior from Marrabel, revealed he took that moment as an alarming wakeup call – he wasn’t working hard enough.

“My whole junior career, I had probably relied on my talent and players around me were working harder and being rewarded for it,” he said.

“This time last year, I wasn’t on a lot of clubs’ radars, I was still a good player but I needed to improve my work rate and confidence, so I thought if I went out and trained the whole year with higher standards and did extra work, I could be a better person and player.”

Both Schoenberg and housemate, Will Gould, were selected within two picks of one another, Gould heading off to Sydney at pick 26.

“At first when I was selected, I was a bit shocked but then over the moon but the fact there was no waiting between myself and when Will got picked up, made it a pretty special night,” he said.

“It was pretty sad in a way, I’ve been living with him for about three years now but we’re both proud of each other, he fully deserves his chance.”

Schoenberg has opted to move in with Crows wingman, Paul Seedsman, shifting in on Monday.

“Before I was drafted I spoke with the club and felt the best option for me was to find a current player and start living with them,” he said.

“Paul is a great bloke, he’s made me feel welcome straight away.

“He’s very fit too, I’ve heard his 2km time trials are quick so I’ll try to keep up with him, do what he does to prepare, eat what he eats, everything.”

Schoenberg was familiar with several Crows players and staff through working out in the same gym.

He has just finished responding to all the well-wishes and congratulations sent to him over the weekend.

“My phone started going off as soon as I got picked up but I put it down for a while to be with my family and friends and just enjoy the moment,” Schoenberg said.

“It probably hadn’t stopped until Tuesday but I’ve managed to respond to all of them, whether social media on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, text messages, I’ve just been flat out responding to everyone.

“I couldn’t say how many messages I’ve got back to but it feels like a lot.”

He thanked everyone for their support and acknowledged his junior club, Min-Man.

“I’ll always remember my days there, dad coached there, mum still coaches there, my sisters play there, so I’ll definitely try to get back during the year to watch a few games if I can,” Schoenberg said.

“I can’t thank my family enough for their support too, mum and dad, everyone who has helped me on the way.”