Shear brilliance – Beau wins senior shearing crown

Flying the flag for South Australia, Mid North’s contingent of shearers and wool handlers to the National Shearing Championships in Dubbo last week did everyone proud with Jamestown’s Beau Growden winning the senior shearing championship.
As Australia’s number one shearer, the win has secured the 22-year-old a trip to New Zealand to compete in 2020, and the gun shearer could not be more excited to win the crown at his “first crack at the nationals”.
“It’s been a dream of mine for a long time now, ever since I started shearing,” he said.
“It was breathtaking to hear my name called out, it’s taking a while to sink in to be honest.
“The whole South Australian team just erupted when it was announced and I could hear mum and dad amongst them cheering out.
“I’m definitely shell shocked, and just very lucky to be given the opportunity to compete at that level.”
Already back on the boards in a shearing shed near Morgan today (Wednesday), Beau said his win has spurred him on even further in an industry he is passionate about.
“It’s going to push me a lot harder to be even better,” he said.
“The next step for me will be to work my way up to the open division and I’ve got a long way to go to get to the top.”
Alongside Beau representing South Australia at the nationals were his fellow Mid North teammates, and he said he was proud to be among them as they each achieved their own accolades.
Paige Box placed fourth in the novice wool handling while 16-year-olds Joe Jacka and Ben Clark performed well in the novice division with Joe placing sixth and making a last-minute decision to also enter the blade shearing division, and Ben placing eighth.
Sam Bacon was fourth in the senior shearing and Chris Lang finished fourth in the intermediate shearing.
Take a look at the Sports Shear South Australia Facebook page to see the South Australian team in action during the finals at Dubbo.