Homes has new CEO

At the AGM of Gilbert Valley Senior Citizens Homes (GVSCH), Ian Rowett was elected chairman for a fifth term, and Matthew Greenslade elected as vice chairman. 
Other board members are Jill Behn, Deb Callery, Chris Connell, Bev DeVries, Grant Griffiths, Gary Fuss and Louise McLeod. 
Steve Ball was elected to replace John Rohde who retired after many years of service.
Ian Rowett introduced Mr Jeff McCloy, a resident of Riverton, recently appointed CEO at Balaklava Mill Court Homes, which provides executive and administrative services to GVSCH through a services agreement.
The Friends of the Homes again held several successful fundraisers over the year enabling them to contribute funds for residents’ benefits. 
Tracey Wyatt, lifestyle coordinator continues to provide a variety of activities to all residents; most notably the art show opened by Alfie Hannaford, held earlier in the year. 
Lesley Smith, Director of Care gave a comprehensive report, including an acknowledgement of the death of long time and fondly remembered staff member, Bronwyn Giles. 
Ian Rowett said a feature of the facility has been the high occupancy rate and positive feedback from residents and their families, which is a strong reflection on the dedicated caring staff.
Residents of the Homes got into the Christmas spirit and enjoyed carols singing on Sunday night.