Hopping mad

NICOLE Burns got the fright of her life last Friday morning, when she had a very close encounter with a kangaroo at, and IN her home at Sevenhill.
“We often have kangaroos in the back paddock and our back yard, more often at dawn and dusk, and I always check they have gone before I let the dogs out,” Nicole said.
However last Friday morning, Nicole let the dogs out later than usual, at around 9.30am, only to realise there were two kangaroos near the back fence.
“The dogs started barking and chasing them, and the smaller one jumped over the fence and hopped away,” Nicole said.
One of the dogs ran back to Nicole who was calling them, but the other one kept barking at the larger grey roo.
While initially hopping along the fence, the large roo then turned, jumped over some bushes, and headed towards a pregnant Nicole.
“It hopped straight at me near the back door, and I just tried to keep pushing it away and backing away – I kept turning to protect my stomach as I was very worried it would kick me with its hind legs,” Nicole said.
“I knew it was frightened, but so was I, and I yelled out to my husband, Codie, who was inside with our 17-month-old son, Flynn, to come and help me.”
Codie stood Flynn down safely inside and opened the glass door to try and fend off the aggressive roo so Nicole could get inside, however the kangaroo hopped inside too!
“We have a slate floor, so it couldn’t stand up properly and was sliding and thrashing around and was quite aggressive,” Nicole said.
A chaotic scene ensued with the barking dogs and agitated kangaroo inside, a screaming Nicole helping Codie fend off the roo while being scratched, while young Flynn just stood where he was placed earlier – which was now behind the roo, between it and the door!
“Somehow Codie and I managed to shoo the kangaroo outside, and while the glass door was still open, the screen one was over a little bit and as it jumped out, it knocked the screen sliding door off,” Nicole said.
The couple escaped with scratches on their arms and body, and Nicole suffered a deeper gouge on her leg that required ‘gluing up’.
“While the doctor was treating me, he said there had been an attack along the Riesling Trail at one stage.”
“I don’t know why the kangaroo seemed to target me, and I was amazed at how it turned on me,” Nicole said.
“But we were so lucky – it could have been a lot worse.”
“With so many kangaroos around now, with more coming into towns for food and water, I urge people to be very wary and take care to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.”