Mid North Christmas carnivals cancelled

EXTREME temperatures are about to hit the Mid North this week, forcing the cancellation or postponement of numerous town Christmas pageants/carnivals planned for Friday
The forecast for all towns from today until Friday is 40-plus degrees, with Friday topping the charts at 48 for Balaklava, Snowtown and Roseworthy.
Mallala isn’t far behind at 47, Riverton and Two Wells 46, Clare, Jamestown, Eudunda and Orroroo are 45, and everywhere in between is just going to be plain
There is also a slight chance of showers or thunderstorms on Friday night, so with a duty of care for pageant-goers, Christmas pageants at Balaklava, Riverton, Saddleworth and Burra have been cancelled, while Blyth’s street carnival has been moved to Monday evening.
All events originally planned for Blyth’s street carnival will remain, starting at 6pm.
Organisers of all events scheduled for Friday night had been watching the weather forecast closely, with four making the difficult decision to cancel their respective events yesterday morning.
They apologised for any inconvenience caused, but as we all know, it is summer and the weather is out of everyone’s control!
As this heatwave worsens as the week progresses, with evenings not cooling down much either, the Bureau of Meteorology has reminded everyone to ensure they are prepared for the conditions, and to check on family members and friends who might be at increased risk of heat related health issues.
Babies and young children, pregnant women, older people, and those who are already unwell area at increased risk, and need to be checked on regularly.
And don’t forget to check on your pets and animals, as they need plenty of water and shade.
Tips to staying safe during a heatwave:
Never leave children, or pets, alone in a car.
Keep cool and drink plenty of water, even if you are not feeling thirsty.
Cool your home as much as possible: turn fans and air-conditioners on early in the day to stop the heat from building up.
Plan ahead – do shopping for food, drinks, medications etc early in the mornings and stay out of the heat during the day.
Hopefully Christmas Day will be cooler next week, so everyone can enjoy the day without sweltering.