Successful year for loyalty program

Clare traders have given away $2700 in local shopping vouchers to participating shoppers over the past year and are looking forward to seeing what 2020 will bring.
The campaign started in October 2018, with loyalty cards introduced in February, with more than 6000 completed cards collected in 10 months.
The enthusiastic uptake of this initiative was a great outcome for Clare traders who said there was a visible change in the Clare CBD, with a more positive outlook by shoppers and traders alike.
Clare Lifeline retail manager, Deb Keleher said the loyalty program has been fantastic.
“Most tourists are fascinated with the scheme and when it is outlined to them as to how it works they are ‘so going to take this back to our town!’” Deb said.
Julie Eyers from Clare Shoes said she had also been happy with the results.
“People are still asking for their stamps. Customers are producing their cards to be stamped and the people who have won vouchers are excited to spend them,” Julie said.
Kym Pudney from Clewers Betta Home Living said as a business they have had to make many changes.
“We have found our customer base has changed dramatically as traditionally our customer has been predominantly the baby boomer generation, however the low interest rate has impacted this generation, and now our customers are trending towards cashed up Gen X and Y often working in the mining industry,” Kym said.
“Our customers already know what they are looking for, researched every aspect and price is now the big issue as adverse to service attention and relationships.
“Regional retail will have its challenges over the next decade, coupled with the current economic situation throughout the agricultural sector we need to make the most of any opportunities we can muster in Clare,” Kym said.
The success of the Clare campaign has spread to other towns in the region that have either begun or are planning to start their own Buy Local initiatives.
Much of the hard work has been driven by a small and dedicated committee of local business people supported by Lynn Wallace Regional Development Yorke and Mid North Regional Development Officer and consultant Nan Berrett, Word Solutions.