Tiger Tyrell

PLAINS Producer Medallist, Tyrell Hocking, has sensationally been linked with a move from Two Wells to United, where his father, Eddie, has reportedly secured an assistant coach role under new head coach, Craig Dawe. The Plains Producer understands Hocking, a star midfielder with the Roosters over the past two seasons, had an agreement with the […]

Growing for a cause

TO help out those suffering from the devastation of fire, some locals have volunteered their services as part of a collection team for the SA Bushfire Garden Revival group. Balaklava’s Sonja Gangell and Watervale’s Eddy Hadley are both on the bandwagon, collecting and maintaining donations of plants, seeds, tools, potting mix and more, until later […]

Parents have big role to play for teen sleep

RESEARCHERS have found teenagers who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to take part in dangerous behaviours like smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol and drugs, driving dangerously on the road and acts of violence. Adolescents need about eight to 10 hours of sleep per night, and more than 570,000 teenagers who took part in 24 […]

A Beautiful Day in our bush neighbourhood

RESIDING in a bushfire prone area, the Mid North community faces the same summer threat that contributed to devastating Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island bushfire emergencies. Clare ladies Amelia Byles, Adele Agars and Kerry Jones all knew someone affected by these disasters and felt helpless, and wanted to help out someway. Amelia’s idea started the […]