Growing for a cause

TO help out those suffering from the devastation of fire, some locals have volunteered their services as part of a collection team for the SA Bushfire Garden Revival group.
Balaklava’s Sonja Gangell and Watervale’s Eddy Hadley are both on the bandwagon, collecting and maintaining donations of plants, seeds, tools, potting mix and more, until later in the year when fire victims are ready to restart their gardens.
“We’ll look after the plants and keep them alive until delivery time, probably around August or September, when fire affected victims can come to the collection point and choose their plants,” Sonja and Eddy said.
Sonja started her involvement with the plant revival group after the Pinery fire, and felt it was a good way to help those affected.
“It’s good for mental health too, as seeing new greenery, new life, around your property is a positive thing,” she said.
“While it is too early for those affected to plant now, it is a good opportunity for our generous growers to plant out natives and other seeds, so the plants will be ready later in the year.”
Eddy is a first-timer growing for the cause, after being a former Trees for Life grower some years ago.
“I got too busy to keep growing trees for Trees for Life, but now I have more time on my hands and more space in my garden, so thought I could help these poor people who have lost everything,” Eddy said.
“We’ll probably concentrate on the Adelaide Hills people, and deliver to a central site in the Hills for collection.”
Any plants will be gratefully accepted, including natives, succulents, grasses, and even herbs, along with any other gardening items including potting mix, pots and tools.
Sonja said it’s early days for Kangaroo Island which is still in relief mode, and due to bio-security issues, said plants would not be sent there, so instead suggested donations of items such as gardening tools, gloves, seeds, fairy gardens and pots.
The revival group is also looking for volunteers to help deliver the plants to the collection points later in the year.
If you can help out with donations of plants, seeds, gardening accessories or volunteer driving, please contact Sonja on 0438 826 532 or Eddy on 0459 349 908.