Oh George, you’re a crack up

Four-year-old George Matters from Spalding loves his chooks.
No one ever anticipated it would make him a global sensation, but that is exactly what he has become after his sister Polly, 11, filmed him talking about his pet chook ‘Mowvin”.
Parents April and James posted the funny video to Facebook to share with a few friends, and it ‘went viral’, with more than 50,000 views across the world.
From The Weekly Times and YouTube to uk.news.yahoo.com – young George has been winning hearts everywhere.
April said it all began when George was feeling a little nervous about starting kindy, so big sister Polly took him under her wing and “played kindy” together during the holidays.
“Polly said, let’s practice doing a morning talk,” April said.
“She filmed it and came inside and said ‘have a look at this mum, it’s hilarious’.”
George is seen in the video explaining some of the features of his Pekin bantam chook.
“This chook has a mohawk and a little beard and a little mohawk and it’s called Mowvin,” George
“And he has this tail to s..t out his bum.
“And this has a beak because it can eat and he can trap its mouth … if this flicks off him it will hit his mouth.”
April said they thought friends and family would find it funny.
And they did. The post was shared by many and eventually made its way to social media intelligence and news agency, Storyful, in Ireland who contacted April asking for licencing of the video.
“They’ve shared it around the world,” April said.
“It was also shared by one of our friends I think, to the Our Feathered Friends site and from there it was shared to five global chook
“We had no idea it would create so much interest.
“People have mostly been positive, I think we’ve had one negative comment about the language used, but I think people can relate George to their own children.
“The best thing about the video is that it’s just giving everybody a laugh and making them smile, which is a great thing.”
Young George is mostly oblivious to his global stardom, and remains busy caring for his 18 chooks and two peacocks.
“My other kids all loved the chooks too but they grew out of it,” April said.
“George has really taken it on, and I think because he’s the only one not at school and home now, the chooks are really like his best
“He collects the eggs, fills up their water, they come inside and watch tv with him, he takes them for rides on his bike.
“I’m forever vacuuming up feathers and cleaning up chook poo.”
But for George, there really is no better pet than a chook.
“I like patting their little mohawks and little pom poms on top of their heads,” he said.
PICTURED: George Matters, 4, from Spalding has become a social media sensation, with a video post of him giving a run down of his pet chook, Mowvin, going ‘viral’ across the world.