Wakefield road works replaced by pressing projects

CHANGES to the Augusta Highway and water leaks have resulted in several road projects being replaced in Wakefield Regional Council’s annual capital works plan.

Balaklava Road, Port Wakefield, from golf course entrance to the highway, and Minnie Street, Port Wakefield, from highway to the end of the street, were scheduled for upgrades but the Augusta Highway duplication project is likely to affect the

“It makes no sense for council to proceed with this project at this stage if there is a likelihood that the new works might be destroyed during the Highway Duplication construction, which is to commence within the next six months,” WRC technical services coordinator, Stuart Roberts reported.

Koolunga Road was due for renewal/partial upgrade from about two kilometres north of Mallee Corner to Boucaut Road.

“Ongoing SA Water pipe leaks along the road (have) been an ongoing problem over several years,” Mr Roberts noted.

“SA Water has now fixed all the known leaks, however the road base and surrounding area is still too wet to carry out construction, which will need to be postponed until next financial year.”

The parking lane on South Terrace, Blyth, from Charles Street to Harley Street, will also be

“During preparation works, it came to light that the kerb, channel and base on some sections have deteriorated to such an extent that these will have to be replaced as well,” Mr Roberts wrote.

“It is therefore recommended to carry out a detailed assessment of the required works and then re-budget the works for construction in next financial year.”

Amongst the projects included is the Railway Reserve, Port Wakefield.

“In the current budget there is allowance to upgrade the section of Pelican Bay Road (including the parking area) from Edward Street to the causeway, to a sealed surface,” Mr Roberts reported.

“It is recommended that a section (about 80m) of Railway Reserve adjoining Pelican Bay Road (in front of the reserve/memorial) be included in the upgrade works to allow additional parking and turn around areas for buses and caravans along Railway Reserve.”

The budget will also be used to install kerbing to allow appropriate edging and stormwater

Works on Nantawarra Road were also brought forward.

“The road has received several treatments over the years, however certain sections require expeditious intervention to prevent accelerated deterioration,” Mr Roberts observed.

He expected due to the delay of other projects, there should be no net impact on the current financial year’s budget.