Lucky escape after car-tipping collision

BALAKLAVA local, Terry Corcoran, is lucky to be alive after the Prado he was driving was hit and ‘flipped’ by another vehicle in the main street of Balaklava last Thursday morning.

“I had just been to the post office and pulled out and started heading towards the primary school, when the car just came out of nowhere (from the right) and hit me,” Terry said.

Terry said he ‘didn’t know what had hit him’ and after flipping and spinning, found himself upside down and trapped in his vehicle.

“The emergency services, police and community members were fantastic.”

Terry received numerous cuts and required stitches in his head, and is very ‘black and blue.’

As both cars are likely to be written-off, Terry thanked Tom Redden at Clare for lending him another vehicle.

“I was just lucky to be in a bigger vehicle such was the impact – kids walking along the street, cyclists or other smaller vehicles would not have been so lucky,” he said.