WHAT has happened to love thy neighbour?

With the ever-increasing ‘chaos’ due to the coronavirus pandemic, shopping patterns and behaviour of many people has turned almost feral, and very un-Australian.

Last week, many shoppers faced empty shelves in their local supermarket, particularly when shopping for basic essential items such as toilet paper and tinned foods.

However, things have escalated for the ‘frantic shoppers’, and business owners, including Foodland Balaklava proprietors, Mike and Megan Smith, have asked for calm.

“It wasn’t too bad last week, but from Friday afternoon onwards, we noticed more panic buying,” they said.

“We need to look at the big picture – we ask shoppers to stay calm and don’t overbuy, and there will then be enough for everyone.”

Some people have spent their money and ‘stocked up’, but need to be aware the items will not be able to be returned for a refund.

“As of last Friday, our warehouses are limiting supply to supermarkets, so we are now limiting more items in the shop including soups, breakfast cereals, pasta, tinned vegetables and more, but fresh foods are still readily available.”

This has been a common theme with other supermarkets around the district too, including at Burra, reporting they are receiving little or no supply of toilet paper from their warehouses.

Mike and Megan said online and phone shopping is still available for everyone, including anyone who is sick, or in self-quarantine.

“And if people are sick, we can always deliver groceries and leave them outside the door.

Mike and Megan are concerned about the elderly people in the district, and are offering a special hour shopping event on Friday morning.

“Older people can’t buy their basic items and we want to look after them by holding this special hour for them,” they said.

“We thank everyone for their patience and respect – it is a difficult situation for everyone, and our staff are doing their utmost to look after everyone.”