Outfoxing a fox

A cheeky fox has been caught on camera by the Waldhuter family from Blyth who have been on a ‘fox hunt’ over the last three months trying to catch the cunning visitor who has been wreaking havoc amongst their pets.

Laura Waldhuter watched, and filmed, in amazement as the fox came right up to her door last Thursday evening, outfoxing the family by avoiding getting caught in the fox trap located just outside, and even ‘touching noses’ through the glass with their pet cat Rascal.

“We tried to catch him initially for a couple of weeks but he was digging under the cage or setting it off without being caught,” Laura said.

“He laid low for a month or so and we just tried again to catch him, with no luck even though he went halfway into the cage trap.”

The Waldhuter’s foxy visitor might look cute, but it killed all of their 11 chooks and has even sniped one of Laura’s husband, Justin’s work boots.

“The fox killed all of our chooks over two meals, scaling a 12-foot fence to get into the chook yard for his second feast,” Laura said.

“He’s taken a work boot, and when our kittens were babies and in an aviary outside during the day he was digging underneath each night – even though we left the gate open for him at night time with the kittens safely inside with us.”

It is not easy trying to outfox a fox, so the hunt continues for the Waldhuters who are keen to return some peace to their yard.