Bin in isolation lately?

Many people are sitting home in self isolation, but that’s no excuse to sit around and get ‘wasted’. Some say they are bored, but that’s just rubbish, according to Balaklava teenagers, Ashlee and Bella-Rose Allegretto, who have amassed more than 54,000 Facebook followers with a post of their wheelie funny formal dates!

The siblings are in year 11 at Balaklava High School, and had bought their dresses in preparation for the school’s senior formal planned for April 4.

However the formal was cancelled due to COVID-19, but the girls were determined not to let their formal dresses ‘go to waste.’

“They saw a Facebook challenge called ‘Bin Isolation Outing’, which was started up by a lady in Harvey Bay, so they decided to make their first, and probably last, formal one to remember,” mum Amy said.

As many people in isolation have only been venturing outside to put out, or bring in, their wheelie bins, the idea of this is to create a social media post, complete with video or photos, involving the bins.

While taking out the trash is not usually a glamorous chore, the Allegretto girls have changed this with their witty and wonderful Facebook post.

The girls had planned to attend the formal together, with their matching dark green dresses, but for the social media post, created some dates – using the bins!

“They created Wheel-iam, and Bin-jamin as their formal dates, and then posted the ‘boys had turned up completely wasted, so they kicked them to the kerb and settled for a night of junk food and trashy tv’ – very clever puns,” Amy laughed.

Within 24 hours of the Facebook post, the girls had amassed more than 54,000 likes – a massive number of followers, with more than 2000 people sending private comments and messages of support for their fun post.

It’s not the first time Bella-Rose has completed a Facebook challenge, undertaking two 48-hour film projects last year, where she had to film, edit and produce a film – one while staying on her property, and one where you could go anywhere to film it.

The girls are obviously talented ‘off-line’ as well, as Ashlee won best prepared speech for last year’s Lions Youth of the Year award.

Bella-Rose has also written a musical and was nominated for the 2019 Carclew Award, but the presentation night was cancelled due to COVID.

Complementing their school lessons, Bella-Rose is currently studying a Diploma of Community Services, and Ashlee a Certificate III in nursing.

So can mum Amy and dad Lucas outdo their daughters in the online posts, and perhaps give the dresses another outing?

“Well, I’m not sure, but we’ll do our best,” Amy laughed.