Clare golf bridge makes for a smooth ride

Clare Golf Club volunteers have put their time and expertise to great use recently, with a group setting about designing a replacement bridge suitable not just for walkers, but golf cart users.

When playing the ninth fairway, cart users had to drive quite a distance to the 12th green to cross the creek, so cart user, Jeff Hogben, decided it was ‘time to sort out’ the bridge on the ninth.

Working with a band of ‘senior’ volunteers, aka Dad’s Army, Jeff designed a replacement bridge, using recycled pipes donated by Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council.

Concreting was completed, and in keeping with other decorative stonework around tee blocks on the ninth hole, it was decided to add similar stonework on the bridge.

With lots of hard work and hours of volunteer service, Jeff’s dream soon became a reality.

The club is thrilled with the outcome, and thanked Jeff Hogben, Mike Gierke, Rob Tregilgas, Trevor Huppatz, Trevor Brewer, Terry Zohs, Digger Hollitt, John Clarke and Neville Johnson for their support on this project.