Tate takes a trick

LOCAL golfer, Tate Michael hasn’t let his short game go to waste throughout isolation at home.

Being stuck at home while golf courses across the district were closed for about a week, Tate’s imagination began to run wild with ideas of trick shots to keep his golf practice up.

Using walls, cricket bats, racquets and even the pool, Tate has been rebounding balls around the house to get them into his make-do hole, a dog bowl.

Sharing the shots on Instagram, Tate’s made a variety of compilations of successful trick shots.

“I was pretty bored while all the local courses were closed and I needed a way to keep practicing, so I started doing trick shots around the house,” Tate said.

“For most of the shots I was using ping pong balls which may have actually made my chipping worse by using the softer ball.”

With Tate’s creativity running wild, he was even able to skim a golf ball across the family’s swimming pool, and into the bowl.

“I had my brother Jake helping me with a few of the shots so while he was sitting under the verandah having a beer, I rebounded a few ping pong balls off the house and into his beer mug,” Tate laughed.

Plenty of golfers were in the same boat as Tate so Golf Australia started the hash tag #Isotrickshot for golfers who were honing in their trick shots at home, allowing golfers to win a variety of prizes.

Check out Tate’s trickshot here: https://www.golf.org.au/isotrickshot-competition