David’s here when you need

What do you do when you have a specialist appointment in town or need to get somewhere and you don’t have access to a car?

Never fear, David Newsome from Mid North Community Passenger Network (MNCPN) is here!

A volunteer driver, David can be booked through MNCPN, the network that for a reasonable cost, can organise a trip to take you anywhere you need to go.

“Most trips are medical-related but I have also taken clients for shopping trips,” David explained.

“People can ask to be taken to any location at a distance where you can go there and back on the same day.

“Most trips are to Adelaide but I’ve also been to Port Pirie, Kadina, Moonta, Gawler and Clare, and the furthest Adelaide trip was to Flinders Medical Centre.”

Drivers are required to undergo Volunteer Driver Accreditation that involves DCSI clearance, medical and driving assessment.

David left the paid workforce in December 2018 and now as a ‘free agent’, started driving for MNCPN in March 2019 and has since conducted almost 40 trips with locals from Balaklava and surrounds.

“Interaction with people is the main thing I miss since finishing work,” David said.

“I love driving and swapping stories with people, and I’ve met some really interesting people through volunteering who have fascinating tales to tell.”

The definition of volunteering is ‘freely offering to do something.’

“I guess volunteering isn’t for everyone but personally it’s very rewarding to give a little back to your community and the clients are very appreciative of the service.

“Also the network is extremely well organised and the drivers are well looked after.

“Damien at MNCPN is always quick to show his appreciation of what we do, and loves hearing feedback from our clients.”

Volunteer drivers use the MNCPN cars, Hyundai SUVs, with eight in the fleet, one based in each major township.

For more information on volunteering for Mid North Community Passenger Service, or for using the service, visit the website www.passengernetwork.com.au